Child Protection Policy (Extract) 2012-2013

The school recognises that children have the right to be protected from all forms of violence, to be kept safe from harm and given proper care by those looking after them.

We recognise our statutory obligation to make a referral either to the social services or to the police when we suspect that a pupil is suffering abuse or when a pupil makes an allegation that he/she is suffering abuse.

Designated Teacher for Child Protection. Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection.
Miss M Gribbin Miss L’Estrange
(Pastoral Leader) (Vice Principal)


Extract from a Department of Education Standard Inspection Report for Saint Joseph’s College (2005).


The school has procedures in place which enable the staff to implement the main guidelines outlined in the:

  • Department of Education (DE) Circular 1999/10 “Pastoral Care in Schools Child Protection”
  • Department of Education Circular 2003/13 Welfare and Protection of Pupils Education and Libraries (NI) Order”


A full copy of the Child Protection Policy and Procedures is available from the Principal.

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