Drug And Solvent Misuse Policy (Extract)

As set out in the rationale – the overall aim of the Drugs Policy is to reduce the acceptability of drugs to our pupils and to eliminate any prospect of the availability within the school.

In addition we aim:

  • To have a clear and agreed understanding among everyone in the school community about the implications and possible consequences of drug use/misuse.
  • To provide all staff (teaching and non-teaching) with adequate training and support to enable them to deal effectively and confidently with incidents of suspected drug misuse, and to ensure that the procedures are sensitively and consistently applied in all situations.
  • To establish an environment in which the school is free from the misuse of all drugs.
  • To empower teaching staff through appropriate training and support, to develop and deliver an effective Drugs Education Programme.
  • To provide a Drugs Education Programme which:
  • Develops pupil’s self esteem and promotes positive attitudes in their relationships with others
  • Gives pupils opportunities to develop the values, skills,  knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed and responsible decisions about the use/misuse of drugs including tobacco, alcohol and volatile substances, within the context of a  healthy lifestyle; and
  • Helps pupils develop the skills necessary to assert themselves confidently and resist negative pressures and influences.
  • To provide appropriate support and assistance for those pupils affected by drug-related issues.
  • To inform parents of the content of this policy and the procedures we implement in the management of incidents of suspected drug misuse.

A copy of the full policy is available from the Principal.

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