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St Joseph’s College Vision Statement states that the pursuit of excellence throughout the College will be achieved as a result of a partnership approach. We welcome our pupils, parents and guardians into this partnership.



  • To demonstrate that teachers, parents and pupils are equal partners in the drive for high standards and success for pupils.
  • To keep lines of communication open between school and home.
  • To ensure that communication is a two-way process and that we listen to what parents tell us.
  • To enlist the help and expertise of parents to resolve problems as they occur / arise.
  • To involve parents in the home study/homework system of the College.
  • To invite parents to participate in the life and work of the College.



  • Parents should know that any approach they make to the College is welcomed and valued.
  • Parents will be kept regularly informed of procedures, and developments in the College.
  • Parents will be kept informed of positive successes of their children.
  • Parents will be invited to award ceremonies and celebrations of success.
  • Parents will be invited to meet with appropriate staff concerning the welfare of their children.
  • Parents will be encoraged to meet with staff if they have a particular worry or concern.
  • Appropriate pastoral staff may arrange to meet with parents in their home if this is more suitable.
  • Parents will be invited to join with us in our school/class celebrations (masses, shows etc).
  • Parents will be invited to participate in the education of their children (paired reading, pupil shadowing, primary movement etc).
  • There will be a parental visit to the College at least once during every academic year.
  • When parents send children to our school we recognise that they make a contract with the College, and that there are equal responsibilities
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