Homework Advice

Advice for PUPILS

Homeworks can take the form of written tasks or learning, or reading.  If you don’t have homework in a subject, then you must do some study on what has been done in class that day.

Homeworks should be noted in your homework diary so you can check each night what has to be done.



  • Take your Diary to all lessons.
  • Write details of all homeworks set, in the correct places.
  • Have your Diary ready for your tutor to check weekly.
  • Ask Parents/Guardians to check your homework and sign weekly.
  • Draw the attention of your Parents/Guardians to any message from school.
  • Draw the attention of staff to any messages from home.
  • Loss of your Diary will incur replacement expense as it is an essential item of equipment. PLEASE LOOK AFTER IT.
  • Read through the school information section with your  Parent/Guardian.


Advice for PARENTS

 Please, check the Planner/Diary each night!


Try to encourage your child, from the beginning, to set aside study time each night and a set time at the weekend for homework.
Reading is very important; books, sports magazines etc.)
Make sure your child gets into the habit of going somewhere quiet to do homework.

The Pupil Planner/Diary is designed to improve your child’s organisational skills and act as a means of communication between school and home.  It can be used to record homework, targets, and other reminders, and by yourself to communicate with Form and subject teachers.



  • Complete all homeworks and assignments.
  • Show you the Planner and ask you to sign it weekly.
  • Show you any messages from school, and show staff any messages from you.