KS2-KS3 CPD Project

In 2017, Year 9 and 10 English students from St Joseph’s College participated in the KS2-KS3 CPD Project – collaboration between post-primary and primary schools. The Leader of English and Literacy has established an exciting partnership between St Bride’s Primary School, St Joseph’s College and Rathmore Grammar School.

The project enables teachers from primary and post-primary schools to visit each other’s schools, to share teaching strategies and practice, in order to enhance students’ transition from KS2 to KS3.

Miss Cregan, Leader of English at St Joseph’s College and Mrs Mc Cullagh, Leader of English at Rathmore Grammar School met Miss Maguire, Literacy Co-ordinator at St Bride’s Primary School. The post-primary teachers observed Miss Maguire teaching a Primary 7 Literacy lesson, focusing on shared skills developed in KS2 and KS3.

Year 9 and 10 students from St Joseph’s College and Year 8 students from St Joseph’s visited St Bride’s Primary 7 students and met the Literacy co-ordinator, Miss Maguire and the headteacher Mrs Quinn.

Our Year 9 students, Hannah Clarkin and Pearse Delaney are former pupils of St Bride’s and Miss Maguire taught these students at KS2. They were very happy to return to their primary school to tell their teachers about their success at St Joseph’s College.

Seven Year 10 students (Dylan Mc Mahon, Gavin Rosenberg, Patryk Wisnieski, Orlaith Rogers, Paulina Badoy, Anna Mc Kenna, Katie Mc Cann) also visited the Primary 7 class. Our Year 10s taught an English lesson to the Primary 7s, focusing on the genre of dystopian fiction and leading Primary 7 students to form creative responses to images and to develop creative writing skills. The Primary 7 students loved this experience and their teacher will adopt some of our strategies, including use of images to stimulate experimental and creative responses.

Dylan Mc Mahon created a sock puppet named Precious to help Primary 7 students to interact with the Year 10s, to talk about their Writing and ask for support.

Our Year 10 students will return to St Bride’s in June as part of the Ambassadors Programme, building on their experience of KS3 to lead and mentor Primary 7 students.

We are very proud of all of the students that participated in the project! They truly earned their title as, ‘Ambassadors of Learning’ and model high standards of teaching and learning at St Joseph’s College.

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