Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

Use Of C2k, Internet Facilities and the school Intranet

The C2K system is in place to help you further your education and allow you to carry out research using the internet.  You should note that the school will perform regular checks of Student profiles to ensure that internet/intranet usage is carried out within the schools acceptable use policy.  

You are encouraged to:

  • Keep your work area organised (My Documents on the C2k Network);
  • Be responsible for your printing and now waste paper through unnecessary printing;
  • Always log off when you have finished using a computer;
  • Keep your username and password private and update your password regularly;
  • Use email and Google Drive facilities to communicate and work collaboratively with other Students, teachers, schools and industry where such an activity is part of your school work;
  • Use the internet to investigate and research school subjects;
  • Develop your competence in ICT skills and general research skills;
  • Respect the use of equipment and other users;
  • Report immediately any misuse of the computer systems or equipment.


You are not permitted to:

  • Copy, save and/or redistribute copyright protected material, without approval. 
  • Subscribe to any services or order any goods or services;
  • Play computer games or use interactive ‘chat’ sites;
  • Access social networking sites e.g. Facebook
  • Use the network in such a way that disrupts the use of the network by other users;
  • Download software or other files;
  • Load software on to any school machines;
  • Send inappropriate emails;
  • Publish, share or distribute any personal information about any user (such as: home address, email address, phone number);
  • Use another user’s username and password or allow others users to use their username and  password;
  • Communicate to others any information, or engage in activity which may result in the loss of or damage to another Student’s work
  • Use the internet services provided by the school without a teacher’s knowledge and permission;
  • Retrieve, send, copy or display offensive information or images;
  • Share picture of other students within our school community without their permission;
  • Use obscene, discriminatory or racist language, harass insult or attack others;
  • Damage computers, computer systems or computer networks;
  • Remove or switch computer peripherals;
  • Use the school equipment for any other activity that violates a school rule or school policy.


Responsibility for My Actions outside school:

  • I understand that the school has the right to take appropriate action against me if I am involved in incidents of inappropriate behaviour, when I am out of school involving members of the school community and would be seen as cyber-bullying.


Sanctions for Unacceptable Use of ICT

  • Parents will be informed immediately
  • A temporary ban from use of school facilities and/or Internet Access
  • Permanently removed from the C2K network
  • Appropriate disciplinary action outlined in the school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy.
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