What is the College doing?

  • Following PHA’s Advice on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
    for places of education
  • Staff have been sent PHA advice
  • Staff will share latest PHA advice during tutor time
  • School App and Twitter used for sharing PHA advice
  • Staff provided with disinfectant to regularly clean surfaces, classroom equipment and computer equipment
  • Staff will discourage pupils sharing/lending equipment
  • Staff will encourage pupils to be well equipped for school (well stocked pencil case/equipment)
  • Staff and pupils issued with PHA handwashing advice
  • Classroom doors will be open to minimise touching handles
  • Staff on duty will frequently wipe canteen top-up machines and fingerprint sensors
  • Book collection will be stopped (peer marking)
  • Mentoring books and report books will not be used – information about pupils’ behaviour and progress will be recorded on SIMS
  • Staff have been advised to use disposable gloves for marking assessment cycle 2 papers and compulsory coursework/controlled assessments
  • No Assemblies until further notice
  • Until further notice all school trips, visits, courses, extended schools, both am and pm are cancelled.
  • Pupils are encouraged to carry their own personal hygiene products and to use responsibly
  • Pupils are advised to clean their phones and SMART devices regularly
  • Pupils are not to share items which come into contact with mouth/face area e.g. drinks, lip balm etc.
  • Pupils are not permitted to chew gum
  • Visitors to the college are provided with hand sanitiser

Extra information:

  • Toilet roll holders checked and refilled regularly
  • Asking pupils to report damaged/faulty toilet facilities to General Office
  • Asking pupils to report low toilet roll and hand soap stock to the General Office
  • Supervisory Staff working extra hours to monitor toilet facilities
  • The Principal and Vice Principal are regularly assessing latest developments
  • Heads of Departments along with their departmental subject teachers have created online learning resources in the event of school closures, hard copies are available  
  • Pupils should ensure they know their C2K login details for My-School
  • Encouraging pupils to continue to prepare for exams and assessments as normal
  • Exam boards are liaising with schools as advice is updated
  • Dedicated Tutor Time for updates and My-School demonstration

*Hygiene products will be provided subject to availability

*Parents will be encouraged to provide hygiene products for children

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