Remote Learning, Useful Information, Safeguarding And Mental Health & Wellbeing

All Pupils should log into google classroom using their email in the following format with their normal password.

Key Stage 3 Google Classroom Codes

Year 08 Google Classroom Codes
Year 09 Google Classroom Codes
Year 10 Google Classroom Codes

KS3 ICT Letter

Key Stage 4 Google Classroom Codes

Year 11 Google Classroom Codes
Year 12 Google Classroom Codes

Key Stage 5 Google Classroom Codes

Year 13 & 14 Google Classroom Codes

Helpful Information

Accessing MySchool Outside School
Google Letter
School App Instructions
Teaching Staff email addresses
How you can access google classroom from home

Goggle Classroom Instructions in Different Languages

Google Classroom Guidance Arabic
Google Classroom Guidance Bulgarian
Google Classroom Guidance English
Google Classroom Guidance Hungarian
Google Classroom Guidance Latvian
Google Classroom Guidance POLISH
Google Classroom Guidance Romanian
Google Classroom Guidance Slovak

Advice leaflets for schools and parents

Support for Newcomer pupils

Advice for supporting older students at home
Advice for supporting younger pupils at home
Advice for teachers to send work home to Newcomer pupils

Safeguarding & Health & Wellbeing Information

Anna Freud Centre Advice for parents/teachers/children
Covid 19 – Guidance on Children attending School
Flyer Covid 19
Telephone and Web Support for Young People. March 2020
Thinkuknow – Keeping your child safe online while they are off school
Independent Counselling Service for Schools (ICSS) – Contingency Plan
Autism NI
Staying Safe A Booklet For Post-Primary Pupils
A video link to help explain Coronavirus to kids with Autism
Animation & Story Book Explaining the Coronavirus to Children
How to explain Coronavirus to children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) –  using Images and Makaton
Childnet Online Safety Activities For 11-14 year olds
Childnet Online Safety Activities For 14-18 year olds
CYPSP. Service delivery during Covid 19. Updated 27 March 2020
Action for Children, free website with great stories for children aged 8-11 years
Useful Apps. Emotional well being. Action for Children
Special Family Support Hub Newsletter Edition (3) March 2020


30.3.2020 – Year 14 Letter
30.3.2020 – Year 13 Letter
30.3.2020 – Year 12 Letter
30.3.2020 – Year 11 Letter
30.3.2020 – KS3 Letter
26.3.2020 – Ms Gribbin’s Letter to Parents
24.3.2020 – Letter
20.3.2020 – Letter 3
20.3.2020 – Year 8-10 Letter
20.3.2020 – Year 11 Letter
20.3.2020 – Year 12 Letter
20.3.2020 – Year 13 Letter
20.3.2020 – Year 14 Letter
16.3.2020 – Letter 1 to parents

Free Online Learning Resources

NI libraries – allows students to virtually ‘borrow’ eBooks and magazines
Audible – free access to audio books for all children
Book Trust – top 100 books for 12 – 14 year olds

Download Our School App to be kept up to date, Follow the instructions in the Helpful Information section.

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