Anti-Bullying Policy

(Reviewed and updated June 2015)

Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s College set out to create an anti-bullying culture within the school. The Board of Governors has adopted the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum’s definition of bullying:

“The repeated use of power by one or more people intentionally to harm, hurt or adversely affect the rights and needs of another or others” (under review)

In terms of day-to-day school life, such behaviour undermines the ethos of St. Joseph’s College, a Catholic school, concerned with the dignity and worth of the individual.  It also hinders our aim to help each pupil develop to their full potential.

Aims of Anti-bullying Policy

  1. To emphasise the issue of bullying for all staff and remind them of their role in preventing bullying and encourage vigilance at all times.
  2. To emphasise to pupils and parents the College’s high standards and core values,  in particular, a positive expectation that everyone should be treated with respect and the rejection of behaviour which is deemed inappropriate, abusive, malicious, offensive or violent.
  3. To outline the College’s broad interpretation of what constitutes bullying and the sanctions that will be put into effect if bullying occurs.
  4. To create a supportive climate where parents and pupils know how to raise a concern about bullying in the confidence that the issue will be dealt with in a professional way.

In addition, please see the new aims of the school.

Code Of Practice

  • Reports of bullying will be taken seriously and not dismissed as “tittle tattle”.
  • When children report bullying behaviour it will be acted on immediately.
  • We will develop a listening, caring and “telling” culture.
  • Parents and pupils involved must become part of  the solution.
  • The issue will be highlighted at Parent Gatherings, General Assemblies, Form and Year Assemblies, and on school notice boards.
  • All adults in the College will be positive role models.
  • The college will create a  welcoming atmosphere.
  • Positive behaviour will be rewarded.
  • Appropriate outside agencies will work with pupils.
  • There will be high levels of adult supervision throughout the  school day.
  • Form Teachers / Year Heads will keep records of all reported  incidents of bullying behaviour.
  • Parents will be kept fully informed of actions taken to deal with incidents of bullying behaviour, and will be invited to meet the Year Head.

The Board of Governors will be kept fully informed of all serious incidents

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