St Joseph's College pupils achieve unprecedented rise in GCSE examination performance!

Over the past number of years St Joseph’s College pupils have been achieving significant increases in examination performance. This year however the increase has been dramatic and even unprecedented in educational terms. 76% of St Joseph’s pupils achieved 5+ GCSE grades at A* – C. This represents a 25% increase on last year’s achievement! This is a remarkable statistic in any terms and when asked for his reaction to the figures, the Principal, Mr Joseph McCourt said,
” We are absolutely delighted. These results are massive for the pupils and the school. They are a testament to and affirmation of the determined effort and hard work that has been invested over the last number of years, to encourage our pupils and to guide them to success at the very highest levels”.
“A number of initiatives have been introduced to increase performance and staff and pupils have bought into this drive to push performance levels higher. It is now “cool” to succeed and pupils at every level are engaging with subject teachers and academic mentors in order to achieve the very best grades possible.”
Mr McCourt said that, although thrilled, he wasn’t completely surprised with the dramatic rise in performance levels. “As part of our efforts to raise performance we have developed a bespoke system of pupil tracking, target setting and mentoring. Pupils have been brought to the centre of the process. They review progress in unit tests with subject teachers, form tutors and mentors. They then set individual targets which are monitored by staff. This gives us a good indication of progress and allows staff to set their own targets. A major breakthrough in performance levels was predicted for this cohort of Year 12 pupils and staff worked hard with the pupils to achieve it. We didn’t quite expect the extent of the breakthrough however.”
Mr Mc Court highlighted the quality of the pupil profiles as the most pleasing aspect of this year’s performance. “76% of pupils achieved 5+ grades A* – C. However the majority of these pupils achieved a profile of 8 or more GCSEs at the top grades. These results position St Joseph’s College well above the N Ireland average for numbers of pupils achieving 5+ GCSEs A* – C and we now are above the N Ireland average for the number of pupils achieving 7 + good GCSEs. We are also above the N I average for achievement in 5+ top GCSE grades including English and Mathematics”.
“I would like to congratulate our pupils on this magnificent achievement. We look forward to working with them over the next two years as they return to us as ‘A’ level students. I would also like to thank our parents in supporting the work that we do with their children. Finally I would like to thank the staff of our school not just for the work of the past year but for their dedication and efforts over the last number of years. Without that dedication and sheer hard work the achievements of this year would just not have happened.

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