St Joseph’s College Reading Awards

Year 8 students set a target to read at least 5 additional books for pleasure (from September-Christmas).

Year 8s engaged wholly with the process and 40 students earned a Bronze Award, 13 students earned a Silver Award and 1 student earned a Gold Award.

Bronze Award winners earned a certificate. Silver Award winners earned a certificate and a book of their choice. All winners were congratulated by Mrs Mc Gurran, Miss L’Estrange, Mrs Mc Donnell and Miss Cregan.

Many, many students read 3 or 4 books and just missed out on their certificate. Teachers urge all students to renew their reading efforts, in preparation for Round Two of the Reading Awards in June! The second ceremony will take place towards the end of June, with prizes awarded. The total will be cumulative so all efforts so far contribute to the June total.


Bronze Award: 5 books
Silver Award: 10 books
Gold Award: 20 books
Platinum Award: 30 books

Congratulations on an impressive performance in Round 1!
Renew your personal Reading for Pleasure target!







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