St Joseph’s College Summer Transition Scheme August 19th - 23rd 2013

A Summer Transition Scheme was organised for the children transferring from primary school to St Joseph’s College in August, with support from the South Belfast Partnership Board, Department of Education and Queens University Belfast. Forty one children transferring to St Joseph’s College participated in the programme, accompanied and supervised by staff from St Joseph’s College.
Each child was involved in a three and a half day programme as outlined below:

Date Location Activity
Monday 19 th August Queens University Belfast Pastoral/P.E.C. Programmes
Tuesday 20 th August Queens University Belfast Pastoral/P.E.C. Programmes
Wednesday 21 st August St Joseph’s College Amazing Brains
Friday 22 nd August Queens University Belfast Dynamic Science Show

The elements of the Programme

Pastoral Day
The children participated in a Transition Pastoral programme @ Queens University, aimed at getting to know each other, with some personal reflection. It was a day of celebration, of their ‘moving on’. One group compared their hopes for the future in the school years ahead as a flower which will grow, as they ‘grow on’.

Amazing Brains Day
Blast Off is an upbeat, interactive and fun programme that has been designed to captivate, motivate and educate young people about their brain and learning. It aims to create a success-oriented mindset amongst students, boost academic performance and foster a positive, lifelong attitude to learning, with a focus on the development of numeracy and literacy.

Queens University PEC Programme:
A fantastic fun day was experienced at Queens University PEC by children and staff alike. The children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activity areas including the Climbing Wall, a range of Ice Breakers and fun Team Games, Dodge Ball and Indoor Rowing. All of the pupils participated with enthusiasm and vigour, including the children who do not usually take part in sporting activities. Opportunities were provided to work together as members of a team, in a relaxed, enjoyable and supportive environment.

Science Show
The Science Show comprised of a fast-moving show exploring the forces that are so important in allowing us to move. The children had the opportunity to discover how propellers and rocket engines can push us forward, and how friction and air resistance can hold us back. They discovered how to inflate marshmallows using the pressure of the air. They travelled to a world with little friction on an amazing hovercraft and witnessed the explosive power of rockets.

Feedback from children, parents and staff indicates that the Transition Scheme was successful, worthwhile and beneficial.

What they said…..

“I’d rather have a whole week. Science is fun.”

“My daughter has really enjoyed it, doing new, challenging activities and fun game sand has make a group of friends already, which will help so much next Tuesday when she starts school.”

Member of staff
“I think it was a wonderful way to introduce the children to each other in a fun involving environment to help them calm their nerves. I notice how the pupils who had attended were much more at ease on the first day in school.”