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Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers, and we
believe that his ethos is reflected in the work, leading to
success, of all our staff and students.
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St Joseph’s College provides a dynamic and evolving curriculum, set within a well-resourced, welcoming school environment,
which meets the academic, spiritual and social needs of all students.
• St Joseph’s College offers a safe, positive and caring learning environment to support pupils to reach their potential and where:
• High standards of Learning and Teaching are set and the achievements of each student are celebrated.
• The Catholic values of compassion, inclusion and respect are fostered.
• A partnership approach is taken in the pursuit of excellence.
• To nurture in all members of our school community a full understanding and appreciation of our Catholic faith in Christ.
• To establish a welcoming and caring environment that promotes good relationships, mutual respect and tolerance among all
members of the school community.
• To encourage all members of the school community to act with integrity, empathy and compassion at all times and so develop
positive relationships at home, in school and in the wider community.
• To ensure that our Pastoral Care system provides for all the needs of all members of our school community.
• To actively promote peace and justice, forgiveness and reconciliation in our divided society.
• To develop in each student an enquiring mind and a desire for knowledge and high personal expectations.
• To provide students with a range of skills that will enable them to respond to the challenges and opportunities of adult life.
• To provide high quality learning and teaching experiences incorporating a variety of methodologies including the use of ICT to
support the learning.
• To facilitate the Professional Development of staff so that they can deliver high quality Pastoral Care and high quality learning
experiences to the students.
• To foster a creative and dynamic partnership between the school community and wider society that enhances the learning
experiences of our students.
• To create opportunities for effective engagement with parents regarding the Pastoral Care and education of their children.
“Caritas Scientia”
is a Latin phrase
which means
“Charity and Knowledge”
Our school motto is
Excellence Through Partnership”
we believe that all aspects of school
life in St Joseph’s are enshrined in both
those phrases.
We are extremely proud of the academic success of
our pupils with consistently high levels of achievement.
However, we realise that there is more to the life of a
school than examinations and study.
St Joseph’s College offers a wide range of activities and
experiences for our young people. We understand that
children should be fully engaged and motivated while at
school. They should be happy in their school life and we
wish to develop in them the attitudes and skills which will
help them succeed in their future lives.
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