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St Joseph’s Student Council was formed in 2010. Pupils fromYears 8 to 14 represent their form classes during Student
Council meetings.
Student Council work is important in St Joseph’s College as it provides opportunities for pupils to take on roles of
responsibility and to become involved in real decision making. The Student Council also provides opportunities for pupils
to develop leadership skills, becoming confident and active participants in the life of the college. Pupils and staff work
together, to develop positive working relationships which improves the college as a learning community.
We look forward to five newYear 8 pupils representing their Form Classes next year, taking on roles of responsibility and
becoming involved in the work of the Student Council.
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The Sixth Form is a
community of young adults. 
The freedoms that come with
Sixth Form study accompany
an ethos of ownership and
shared responsibility.
Students inYear 13 andYear
14 apply for positions of
leadership that help shape
life in the Sixth Form.  The
students meet regularly with
the Head of Sixth Form and
the Principal.  They organise
charitable activity, a range of
clubs and societies and work
in the local community.  They
also lead Pupil Voice, briefing
SLT on their responses
to learning and act as
ambassadors for the College.
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