Year 8 Literacy Competition

Design an A3 poster to promote Success Criteria for Talking About Reading

Submission date: Friday 6th November

Success criteria for the poster:

SC1 Record ten final ‘Success criteria for Talking about Reading’ in the order that Year 8 agreed.
SC2 Select an original theme for the poster.

SC3 Use colour to communicate meaning.
SC4 Use font to engage the reader’s attention.
SC5 Use images to create effects.
SC6 Use space effectively.
SC7 Use correct spelling.

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

Each Year 8 class worked in small groups to negotiate ten success criteria for the English Department ‘Talking about Reading’ poster.
Year 8s chose ten success criteria from a full list of seventeen and made decisions about the order of the success criteria.

Ask your Literacy teacher for the ten agreed success criteria before the Halloween break!

SC1 Plan your response.
SC2 Take part.
SC3 Be respectful to others (for example, listen actively, respond positively).
SC4 Take turns.
SC5 Use language appropriate to purpose and audience.
SC6 Use a range of methods to engage the audience (for example, tone of voice, gestures, facial expression, props, sound, images).
SC7 Express your feelings.
SC8 Give specific examples.
SC9 Ask questions.
SC10 Don’t include spoilers!

Mrs Mc Gurran, Miss L’Estrange, Miss Cregan and Mrs Mc Donnell will judge students’ entries and award prizes!

Any questions?

Ask your Literacy teacher!
Good luck!

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